About us

The Rainbow Group, incorporated in Singapore, is a digital technology oriented distribution business focused on the emerging markets in Asia.

We aim to create a finest marketplace by working with financial institutions partners in selecting, curating and displaying products for prospective customers to research, compare, choose and purchase on our proprietary platform. We are thus able to offer the most suitable product from our panel of banks, insurance, consumer finance and product companies to our most appropriate customers though an efficient sales process. We provide our customers a unique experience with Choice, Customization and Convenience to improve their living and life style and achieve their dreams.

Rainbow Financials started operations in June 2011 and is headquartered in Kolkata with several offices spread across the Eastern Region. In the Northern Region , we have branch offices in Noida, Gurugram and Jaipur, and in the south we have operations in Chennai and Bengaluru.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to establish a global enterprise focused on conceptualizing and implementing a business model for acquiring, growing and managing relationships with individual customers primarily for providing financial solutions to them. Additionally, products, services and solutions for improving their living and lifestyle may also be offered to them from time to time.

Meet the team


Kalidas Ghose



Prakash Kirpalani

Co- Founder


Sandeep Oberoi

Head of Sales


Shagun Chadha

Head of Partnerships & Business Development


Kumar Siva

Chief Technology Officer


Aman Singh

Regional Sales Head- East


P Sanyal

Chief Administrative Officer


Sumit Dhar

Finance Manager

More than just a workplace

Why Rainbow?

Customer acquisition in most of the companies is fragmented and have much overlap. Financial Institutions reach out anyone and everyone. All Institutions, even departments within, reach out to the same customer. Financial Institutions do not know what to offer, to whom and when. Do not know the customer well enough to customize their offering. The market is flooded with generic products that address the concerns of everyone but meets the need of only a few. Customers have to explicitly ask for the product at their bank. Customers can be sure of a solution that Customers can be sure of a solution that meets the Relationship Manager’s targets, not necessarily one that best meets their needs.

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